Iditrod Mail 1995 

The Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race is a legendary journey of epic proportions across the frozen wastelands which are the Alaskan wilderness, crossing mountain ranges, running on sea-ice.....1160 miles of snow and deep cold, cold like I had never imagined, winds beyond belief, roaring waters and deadly dreams.  A world a whole world beyond my knowing.

English Musher Max Hall is the most recent Englishman to have completed the Iditarod race.  His 1999 finish received the "Sterling Achievement Award" for the most improved musher and gave him the fastest time for an Englishman over the trail.  The race is commonly referred to as 'The Last Great Race on Earth'.  Mushers travel over some of the most unforgiving terrain which the world has to offer at temperatures plunging to  -80° Fahrenheit.