Max Hall is a 55 year old company director born and living in England. He is married to Lena, who has given him a great deal of support. Max first came to Alaska in 1991 and was introduced to Alaskan sled dogs by Don McQuown of Knik. Joe Redington Sr. Visited him in England in the summer of 1992 and "contaminated" him with Iditarod fever. Max then ran the Iditarod Trail from Knik to Nome as a "tourist Musher" with Redington in 1993 as part of his first Iditarod Challenge.

Max returned to Alaska through the 1993-1994 winter to train at Shapachka Kennel, Willow, with much assistance from Roy Monk and Duane Lamberts. In January '94, he completed the Knik 200 in 11th position. In 1995 he returned to Alaska and became the first Englishman to run the Copper Basin 300, finishing in 27th place. He ran the '95 Iditarod in extreme conditions and finished 46th. He says his race entry is made possible only through the goodwill and support of a persevering wife, so many thoughtful Alaskans and especially Doug Swingley, Jeremy Gebaur, and all at Swingley Race team, Montana, USA.  Also, Roy and Lesley Monk, Duane Lamberts and all at Shapachka Kennels. Max is a member of ISME, IOFC and SHCGB. He lists his hobbies as dogs and travel. A Fellow of the Royal Geographic Society.