Max's Team Iditarod 1999


3 year old Female

Jet (Lead) 3 year old Female
Bill 3 year old Male
Streisand (Lead) 3 year old Female
Griffin 3 year old Male
Poncho 3 year old Male
Cleo 2 year old Female
Banana 3 year old Female
Rocket 5 year old Male
Blue (Lead) 6 year old Male
Paint 2 year old Female
Jose 3 year old Male
Maggie (Lead) 5 year old Female
Durante 3 year old Male
Kitty 2 year old Female
Cadet 2 year old Female

Each team will begin the race with as many as 16 dogs in harness, but must finish with at least 5. 

Those dogs unable to finish are dropped at checkpoints along the trail and are flown back to the Anchorage State Penitentiary.  The inmates have competed all year for the privilege of caring for one of the 'drop dogs' until its owner finishes the race.

The dogs will burn 8000 calories per day during the race.  They have to be fed on Salmon, chicken and fish.  They have vitamin supplements put into their diet and for the female dogs heat suppressants.